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The Main Highlights of BFG Token

What is the BFG token? Where did it come from? How can you obtain and use it? Let’s summarize the main highlights of BFG that would be useful and interesting for both a new user and a passionate adept of the BetFury platform.

What is the BFG token?

Name: BFG Token
Ticker: BFG
Chain: BSC(BEP-20)
Wallets: Binance Smart Chain
Starting price: $0,07 
Smart Contract address:

BFG is the unified token of the BetFury platform launched on BSC. BFG’s unique mining solution, by placing bets, and Staking opportunity became a hallmark of the BetFury project. Once you’ve got and start holding BFG tokens on BetFury you can receive a part of the platform's profit from the Staking pool.
The total emission of BFG is 5 000 000 000. It’s a max number of BFG tokens that can be mined on the platform and will not be changed. 

How to obtain BFG tokens? 

Today, the BetFury team is proud to say that the BFG token has been officially listed. A colossal breakthrough has been made and BFG has become a liquid asset. Now, mining is not the only option to obtain BFG tokens. With the appearance on the Biswap exchange platform, everyone is able to buy, sell and exchange BFG in other cryptocurrencies.


Previously, the only solution for getting BFG was mining by placing bets in any currency available on BetFury. The more bets you place – the bigger amount of BFG you mine.

Since BFG becomes a tradable asset the team decided to reforge the mining system and created the Progressive Lock mechanism. It sticks to the core idea of obtaining BFG tokens by placing bets, keep the Betfury Staking earnings opportunities and reduce risks related to illegitimate token gaining and eventual selling them on the open market.

Some key points of the BFG Progressive Lock:

1) All previously mined tokens before listing are under unlock_capacity.
2) All mined tokens since Listing are included in locked capacity and will be available to be unlocked after 180 days.
3) If you play with tokens you are able to increase your unlock capacity.
4) All Deposits, Cashback, Referral Bonuses are included in unlock capacity. That means that your deposits and bonuses will not be locked and will be always available for withdraw anytime
5) The withdrawal amount will decrease unlock_capacity amount in the amount of withdrawal

Mining price

The mining price of BFG token depends on the BTC exchange rate at Binance and rises after every 50 000 000 BFG mined. Users can track changes in mining prices on the Staking page. Importantly, the earlier you start mining – the more tokens you will get. 

While mining each token, the value of the previously mined tokens increases. This is why mining was divided into levels. The transition to the next level occurs when every 50 000 000 BFG are mined. 
Total mined
This is the number of tokens that have already been accumulated on the platform in total since the launch of the platform (including tokens that have been burned).
When our players mine 1 BFG, the Total supply increases by 2 tokens. It means that 1 BFG goes to the user and 1 goes to the team.

How to use BFG tokens?  

If you find yourself a lucky owner of BFG tokens, you will definitely enjoy a wide range of options to use them. Let’s take a quick overview of the ultimate opportunities users can achieve on BetFury owning BFG tokens. 


Once you own at least 10 BFG tokens, you can take the advantage of staking capabilities of multicurrency daily drops. 3% of the total profit is released on the Staking pool every 24 hours and distributed among all the BFG holders. The more tokens you have – the greater Staking rewards you get! 

It’s important to highlight major points of staking opportunities after BFG listing:

  • All tokens mined before listing on exchanges are available for trading.
  • New mined tokens will be locked for withdrawals for 6 months. Users will be able to get Staking rewards and play with BFG until the tokens are unlocked.
  • BFG tokens purchased on the exchange can be deposited on the BetFury platform and staked immediately to receive daily payouts from the Staking pool. Also, users are able to withdraw these BFG tokens and sell them at any time.


BFG token is available for making bets while playing In-House games with a min bet of 0,00000001 BFG. Tempt your fortune in authentic Dice and Hilo, make a lucky spin in Circle, place winning bets in Crash, Mines, and Plinko, taking a chance to hit a Jackpot.



Being listed on Biswap, the BFG token extends the set of usage opportunities and empowers its investment and trading capabilities. 

Now all users can buy, sell, exchange BFG into any other cryptocurrency available on Biswap and get up to 100% of the trading fee returned in BSW tokens.

Biswap Farms allow doubling rewards by staking your LP tokens in return for additional BSW tokens and earning high income from swap transactions.

Everyone is able to add BFG to the BFG/BSW Liquidity Pool and receive LP tokens to stake them in a farm. Becoming a liquidity provider enables you to earn high yields from transaction fees.

Get benefits from BFG

Rank Benefits

BetFury has the improved Rank System from Novice to SuperVip. Your rank levels up in accordance with the amount of mined BFG tokens. Upgrading the rank enables the users to take pleasure in level-up rewards, increased cashback, exclusive promotions, special tournaments, personal VIP manager, and other bonuses. 


As we’ve figured out above, mining more BFG tokens by placing bets results in going up to the next Rank. The higher is your Rank – the bigger is your Cashback reward. Thereby, every user can get up to 25% of the wagered amount back.

How is the stability of BFG ensured?

Ensuring the stability of BFG, healthy tokenomics, and further ecosystem growth, the BetFury team conducts a monthly BFG token burning.  Over the lifetime of the platform 19 regular tokens burning have already been committed. 

The total amount burned tokes each month includes 3 main constituents:
Auction burned - BFG tokens used by players to bid in the Auction;
Team burned - part of the BFG command tokens obtained during the mining process;
Gaming burned - BFG tokens from lost bets.

Having entered the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem with BFG Token on BEP-20 protocol, BetFury has done huge burning with the total amount of 1 346 008 069 BFG.

Planned burnings increase the value of the BFG token, keep the balance between holders and developers and support the constant growth of Staking payout for the token holders.

You can track all token entries in the History of burned BFG.

What prospects for the future does BFG have?

Talking about main predictions on what will happen to BFG in the future, it’s important to mention that similarly to Bitcoin the emission of BFG is limited. The max number of BFG is 5 000 000 000 BFG and the supply cannot increase in spite of growing demand.

It’s a well-known fact that since the release of Bitcoin in 2009, its price has increased thousands of times. By drawing an analogy, we can assume that BFG will meet the same destiny as Bitcoin. With limited emission and an overgrown ecosystem, BFG is expected to constantly increase in value. Once they’re all mined, no new BFG will enter circulation. Therefore, when all tokens are issued - it will be a full-fledged coin with its tokenomics and value.