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BFG Listing Status Update

Dear Users! 
First and foremost, we would like to congratulate all the community and everyone who waited for BFG to be available on the open market. It's a huge milestone for all of us, and the leading multicurrency iGaming platform – BetFury is coming to the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem with BFG Token on BEP-20 protocol. Let us tell you more about the process, preparation and do a little retrospective of what happened.

Quick retrospective of BetFury on the way to BFG Listing

BetFury is a built from scratch product with the native BFG token as the vitality asset that keeps the BetFury Staking core product feature stable and operational and providing daily payouts for all BFG holders since 2019.

For one and a half years of the platform's existence, we had lots of changes, internal mechanics redesigns, tokenomics updates. BFG TRC-20 off-chain, BFG(TRX), BFG(BTC), and finally the BFG Token as a result of BetFury native token evolution. It's such a delightful moment for all of us and the start of a new story page for the product and community.

The road to Centralized Exchanges is a long road, especially for such gambling projects as BetFury. We have seen the huge impact of DeFi (Decentralized Finances), so decided to enter Binance Smart Chain DeFi space and list the token on Decentralized Exchange first. Biswap was chosen as a young and prospective product with uniques features, haven't seen on the DEX market before.

The preparation for BFG Token Listing began, we have started cross-promo and marketing activities. At this time, a part of the team responsible for the platform sustainability and product value initiated internal audits for all the core features included BFG Token and BetFury Staking.

BetFury is always under attention by hackers, black hat security specialists, and a variety of fraudsters. We are facing DDOS attacks on a daily basis, fighting them and winning.

In the lifetime history of BetFury were exploits caused by 3rd party providers, illegal big wins, 0 cost mining of BFG tokens. Those incidents are natural for every young product, the main thing how BetFury has always resolved them.

We transparently do our business, always explain the situation and protect users' funds. We are proud to say that all the funds of users are SAFU! Security is one of the highest priorities for us!

As security measures, we have done some initiatives to provide a long-term perspective for BFG Token and BetFury platform.

What has been done?

✅We have implemented daily BFG audit and the Progressive lock mechanism, which save us from illegal token obtaining and push the to open market.

BFG Historial Audit has been performed, and holders were verified for obtaining BFG tokens since the first day of the launch.

Listing time recap

Before the listing, the team decided to enable manual processing of BFG withdrawals as an additional security measure, yes not very innovative, but to be fair efficient enough in terms of security. It was a MUST for the team to keep withdrawals clear and operational and to prevent any incidents.

Once listed on Biswap, there were no sellers on the exchange, and the liquidity was pretty low. The price started from 0.07c same as the mining price on the platform right now. Of course, it caused the price increment by over 400%, and we understand the FOMO effect started in the community. Once more tokens appeared on the market, the price began to drop, and now BFG is tradable around 0.025c.

The ATH price of around 0.3c is the price at the moment of listing. However, that did not mean you were able to sell all your tokens around 0.3c. So when the BetFury team had been processing BFG outcome transactions, we did not aim to prevent you from trading but to make sure everything is clear, and the BFG token enters the exchange with no issues and with the existed tokenomics.

The team fully understands your frustration about the duration of BFG withdrawal processing time. Nevertheless, we ask for your understanding and underline once again that everything we are doing here on BetFury is aimed at the community foremost, players, investors, and now traders.

BFG token started the road to the moon

Be sure, the strategy is strong, and our core objective is to increase the token value. It will be fulfilled by building the product first, starting the marketing for the BFG token, adding the token to leading exchanges and services. For achieving progressive scalability, we plan to collaborate with top industry leaders by doing lots of activities, cross-promo, integrations, and strategic partnerships.

Let's start with the first BFG Token Trading Competition on Biswap. The BetFury team provided a prize pool of $30 000 for the Tournament. Great opportunity to trade and win!

Play, win, trade, stake, and keep supporting BetFury because it's just the beginning!