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What is the BFG future?

📬 We received lots of questions about the BetFury token economy and its further development.

👨‍💻 Let us provide you a short Q&A session that consists of all the answers to all of the questions regarding the BetFury token BFG system.

📩 Are there going to be other subtokens in the future❓
No, the BetFury team is not going to divide BFG anymore. 
Moreover, the subtoken BFG(BTC) is a solution to invite more people who have no idea about BetFury and I-Gaming staking and dividends payouts opportunities.

📩 Which one of the subtokens is going to be listed? Both❓
As soon as the listing agreement is going to be signed and all the details will be cleared Betfury team plan to initiate a swapping procedure to unite BFG(BTC) and BFG(TRX) into one BFG token.

📩 When is BFG swapping going to be done❓
Once we have any progress in the listing procedure we may share more cleared info.
Definitely swapping will be right before the listing. All the BFG holders will be informed in time and don't miss it.

📩How is the swapping going to happen? In which ratio❓
We are going to use daily profit metrics as the main data to make the fairest swap.
In this case, the main idea of the BetFury team is to keep the holder's daily payouts after swapping not less than before (in USD equivalent).

📩 What about ETH, XRP, LTC, and other top crypto? BetFury token economy plan for them❓
Multicurrency is our epic task. For sure the team is going to add more crypto in the near future. All Tron-based crypto will be added to BFG(trx) mining, which means if we are going to add JST, USDJ, or any other TRC token, by placing bets users will get BFG(TRX). Non-Tron crypto ETH, XRP, DOGE, etc will be connected to BFG(BTC) mining, which means by placing bets in those crypto users will get BFG(BTC), mining price connected to BTC rate (bet 0.00007 BTC = 0.0028 ETH get 1 BFG(BTC)).

After the swap BFG token holders are going to get daily profit from every presented on the platform dividend pool.

BetFury reserves the right to change the plans and economy mechanics in case of market changes, security requirements, exchange requirements related to listing procedures, or any other.
All the BetFury solutions faced to players' and holders' interests, community growth, long-term strategic business development purposes, and cryptocurrency market growth.

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