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BFG Token has joined CCTip Wallet

The BetFury team has some fantastic news for you! From now on BFG token is available on the CCTip wallet. The hearts of all BFG holders must be rejoicing because it opens up even more opportunities in the crypto world for each of you.  

CCTip stands for Create Crypto Trust in Pay. It’s a cryptocurrency tipping tool to store, exchange, and airdrop tokens. CCTip is committed to creating a safe, convenient and socialized wallet, providing the best solutions for simply sending and managing cryptocurrencies. Create your CCTip Wallet account to get the opportunity to send tips, receive airdrops and participate in other BetFury activities on Telegram or Twitter. 

How to Sign up on CCTip

You are able to sign up on CCTip via email address, mobile number, Wallet Connect or Wallet Link, and social networks. So you are free to choose the most convenient for you and start getting the ultimate advantages of using it. 

⚠️Please note: Setting a login password is helpful for your CCTip account security.

Sign up through Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, and Discord

After you sign up with the social network, it will be bound with your CCTip account. 

  • Go to the CCTip page and click on the “Start My CCWallet” button.
  • Choose the platform you want to bind and click on the option of “Continue with…”.
  • Click “Authorize” to create a CCTip account. Done!

❗️Note: Any email, mobile number, and third-party platform account can only be bound with one CCTip account. If you want to change the binding, you need to unbind it first.

Add BFG to CCWallet

After the successful registration on CCTip, you need to add the BFG token to your CCWallet:

  • Click on the “CCWallet” tab located on the sidebar at the left.
  • Press the “+” sign right above the lst of the most popular currencies suggested in your portfolio.
  • As the “Add Coin” pop-up appears,  you need to paste “BFG” the search line and switch the mode into “On” right next to the BFG ticker.
  • Congrats! You've just added BFG to the CCWallet and now it will be displayed in your portfolio.

How to Tip on Telegram

Please, pay attention to currencies, which can be used for tips, rains, and airdrops! All other coins and tokens tipped will be lost. 

Use CCTip Bot on Telegram to send and receive tips in groups. There are 4 tipping ways:

  • Tip to one user 
    Enter the command “cc 1 BTC @Steve” in the group, then you will tip Steve with 1 BTC. The user who is tagged in the command will receive the tip as long as he sends a message in the group.
    📌 cc TokenAmount TokenAbbreviation @username
  • Tip to more than one user with an equal amount each
    Enter the command “cc 1 BTC @Steve @Kate” in the group, then you will tip Steve and Kate with 1 BTC each.
    📌 cc TokenAmount TokenAbbreviation @username1 @username2 @username3
  • Tip to one or more than one user with #keywords 
    Enter the command “cc 1 BTC @Steve @Kate #ToTheMoon🚀” in the group, Steve and Kate will receive 1 BTC if they are active in the chat. 
    📌 cc TokenAmount TokenAbbreviation @username1 @usrnaname2 @username3 #keywords
  • Tip by replying to the user's message
    Reply to Steve's message “cc 1 BTC”, then Steve will get 1 BTC. The user who is replied will get the tip immediately.
    📌 cc TokenAmount TokenAbbreviation

What is Airdrop on Telegram?

By entering the command to create Airdrop in the group on Telegram, coins and tokens are sent to the active community members. There are 2 types of Telegram Airdrop:

  • without a keyword – “cc airdrop 1 BFG 2”
    📌 cc airdrop TokenAmount TokenSymbol NumberOfPeople 
  • with a keyword – “cc airdrop 1 BFG 2 #betfury”
    📌 cc airdrop TokenAmount TokenSymbol NumberOfPeople #keyword

❗️Note: Only admins have the access to create Airdrops on the Telegram Chat.

How to Grab Airdrop

  • Grab an Airdrop With Keywords
    Send a message which contains the keywords to the group. Please note, the keywords should start with #.
  • Grab an Airdrop Without Keywords
    Just send “Grab” to the group.

❗️You can only grab an airdrop once. If you try to send too many messages to grab an airdrop, you may be removed from the group.

How to Rain 

You can create a Rain encouraging community members to share ideas and interact actively:

📌 cc rain TokenAmount TokenSymbol NumberOfPeople

For example, send rain command in a group "cc rain 1 USDT 10". And voila, 10 lucky users will be randomly selected in the group and get 1 USDT each.

How to Tip on Twitter

Use the Twitter Bot to send and receive tips on Twitter. There are 3 tipping ways:

  • Setting the tip details on CCTip to tweet for tipping one or more users with the same amount

On the page "Tools" > "Bots" > "Twitter Bots". Click "Create Tip". You can fill in the tip details and click "Tweet" to send the tip. The Twitter user in your tweet will be tagged by filling in the receiver Twitter ID and will get the tip quickly.

  • ​Reply to tweet to tip this user on Twitter

Reply to a tweet and type “cctip_com 1 BFG”, then you will tip the tweet author with 1 BFG. The tweet author who is replied to by you with the command will receive the tip in the amount you set.

​📌@cctip_com TokenAmount TokenAbbreviation

  • Tweet, or reply to tweets to tip one or more than one user with the same amount

Tweet, retweet, or reply to tweets with the command “@cctip_com 1 BFG @Steve @Kate”, then you will tip Steve and Kate in 1 BFG each. Every user who is replied to by you or tagged in your tweet will receive the tip with the set amount

​📌@cctip_com TokenAmount TokenAbbreviation @username1 @usernam2 @usernameN

The crypto future is yet to come. Don’t miss it, stay tuned with BetFury!