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The 8th BFG Burning

BetFury team supports the healthy product economy and the further ecosystem growth, that's why we conduct a monthly BFG token burning process. 
What is it for?
💡 To increase the value of BFG token, 
💡 To keep the balance between holders and developers
💡 To support the constant growth of Dividend payout for the token holders. 
Tokens are burned once a month. You can track all the token burnings in the "About Token" section - “History of burned BFG” tab.

Auction burned - BFG tokens used by players for bets in Auction

Team burned - part of the team BFG tokens that were received during the mining process

Gaming burned - BFG tokens from lost bets

Any time you may check our contract address:

Cold wallet address:





The total amount of burned token from the 8th token burning session is 9 567 083 BFG:

Burned in Auction - 2 569 183 BFG
1 526 283 BFG(TRX)
1 042 900 BFG(BTC)

Burned in Gaming - 7 368 366 BFG
2 871 662 BFG(TRX)
4 496 704 BFG(BTC)

Burned in Team - 5000000 BFG
2 500 000 BFG(TRX)
2 500 000 BFG(BTC)

Transaction hash of 2569183 BFG burning: 

Transaction hash of 7 368 366 BFG burning:

Transaction hash of 5000000 BFG burning: fc12a967782c8426a6bd08fa07a562e696b9713e94dd78d3b4740df88584930e