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The 31st BFG Burning

The total amount of burned BFG tokens on the BSC (BEP-20) network from the 31st Tokens Burning session is  15 958 753 BFG.

Transaction hash of the 31st BFG Burning:


*Current BFG price - $0.016

  • 5 000 000 BFG ($83 095) โ€“ Team Burned 
    Part of the team BFG tokens that were received during the mining process
  • 382 304 BFG ($6 354) โ€“ Auction Burned 
    BFG tokens used by players for bets in Auction
  • 10 576 449 BFG ($175 770)โ€“ Gaming Burned 
    BFG tokens from lost bets

Total mined: 4 264 195 930 BFG
The number of tokens that have already been accumulated on the platform in total since the launch of the platform (including tokens that have been burned).

Total burnt amount: 1 544 818 562 BFG
The number of tokens that have been burned.

What is BFG Burning for?

Tokens are burned once a month. We conduct a monthly BFG token burning process, because the BetFury team supports the healthy product economy and further ecosystem growth. Planned burnings increase the value of BFG native token, keep the balance between holders and developers to support the token distribution model, and constant growth of Staking payouts for the token holders.