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Join $20 000 000 BetFury Cryptodrop

The path to the Moon is paved! Welcome aboard a BetFury spaceship that will move toward unearthly riches. Prepare your spacesuit and join the largest and most breathtaking event – BetFury Cryptodrop with the prize pool of $20 000 000. It's not a usual airdrop or retrodrop - it's something unique which you've never seen before! Buckle up, we're taking off.

🚀 Join Real Drop & Win Real Crypto

How to Share $20 Million?

  • Create a Cryptodrop Account
    The simple step-by-step guide is presented below.
  • Join Various Activities
    Complete gaming and crypto Quests. Collect free crypto from Wheels and BFG Farm. Play an exclusive Fury Game and refer friends for endless fun.
  • Collect Points
    The more points you collect – the higher the Cryptodrop prize you will get.

How to Join the Cryptodrop?

  1. Launch the BetFury Cryptodrop Bot and create an account.
  2. Open the BetFury Bot and check if it’s connected to your BetFury account.
  3. When you activate two Bots, your BetFury and Cryptodrop accounts will be connected.

💡  The last step is necessary because the main Cryptodrop reward will be accrued to your BetFury account.

Complete Quests For Plenty of Points

Cryptodrop Quests are unique tasks that bring you Wager, Earn, Trading, and Social points. Quests can be permanent/temporary and one-time/reusable. Space is limitless, so you can expect new Quests to appear anytime.

  • Gaming Quests
    Play Original games and Slots, bet on Sports, and open Lootboxes to get Wager points.
  • Earn Quests
    Join Crypto Staking and take Crypto Loans. Collect Earn points for subscribing to Flexible/Fixed-Term/Boosted Fixed-Term Staking, and paying interest for borrowing.
  • Trading Quests
    Trade Futures and swap crypto to receive Trading points.
  • Social Quests
    Complete different tasks on BetFury social networks to obtain Social points. 

Play Exciting Fury Game

Fury Game is a unique 2D game where you play as a raccoon. Jump, avoid obstacles, and collect both points and real crypto. As they say, run, Fury, run!

  • Tap on a screen to start the round.
  • The duration of the race is determined by the energy scale.
  • Maximum available energy: 1000-2500⚡️(depending on your game Lvl).
  • You can increase your game Lvl by collecting more Wager points.
  • The energy scale is replenished every 20 minutes.
  • Run and jump to collect points, energy charges (🔋), USDT, and BFG tokens.
  • The run ends when your energy expires or you crash into an obstacle.
  • After the race, you will see all the rewards you have received.

🔥  Charge yourself up to full power by using Fury Game Boosters. Activate them under the game window to replenish your energy and double your rewards.

Build Your Space BFG Farm

BFG Farm is a special feature that allows you to earn free BFG tokens every hour for completing some conditions:

  • Follow the BetFury Official Channel on Telegram.
  • Collect up to 4 BFG per hour, depending on your BFG Farm Lvl.
  • After crypto accumulation, click the “Boost & Claim” button.
  • Our random generator will generate a multiplier from x1 to x1000.
  • After this, the BFG reward will be automatically credited to your balance.

Spin Wheels & Win Up to 1 000 000 BFG

  • Social Wheel
    You get one Social Wheel spin for 9 000 Social and Referral points in total. The rewards include points and real crypto up to 100 000 BFG. This Wheel is available for spinning only once during the Cryptodrop.
  • BetFury Wheel
    You get one BetFury Wheel spin for every 3 000 Wager, Earn, and Trading points in total. The rewards include points and real crypto up to 100 000 BFG. If you win over 20 BFG in any currency, you should make a winning share on X (Twitter).

⭐️  How to Make a Super Spin?

This is an addition to the BetFury Wheel, which opens on every 10th spin. It includes higher rewards and the grand prize of 1 000 000 BFG!

Refer Friends for Additional Points & Crypto

Join a special Referral Program during the Cryptodrop. According to this system, you will get rewards for your referrals’ activity:

  • 1 000 Referral points for each friend you invite;
  • 3% for the referrals' earned crypto in the BFG Farm;
  • 15% for their collected points (except Referral).

💡  The user who joins Cryptodrop via your referral link will also receive 1 000 Referral points. Thus, the Cryptodrop Referral Program is profitable for both sides.

These rewards are counted after the referral creates an account on the Cryptodrop page via your referral link. The Cryptodrop Referral Campaign may remain after the end of the event and become the BetFury platform Referral Campaign if your referral created his BetFury account during the Cryptodrop.

Squads – Coming Soon…
Squads are groups of like-minded people who gather for a common goal. This feature will be added soon, so start forming your furious Squad now!

To sum up, BetFury Cryptodrop is a large-scale adventure for all players and crypto enthusiasts. Find your inner desire to win and outrun other space rangers. Let the crypto Moon light your path to incredible victories!

➡️  Hurry Up to Join & Share $20 Million

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