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BetFury on BSC DeFi Exhibition - Gift Box Campaign

Dive into a virtual space with a special Christmas Festivity Campaign by SecondLive. BetFury will be presented there too, so we invite you to share this event together! A lot of activities and amazing gifts await you! You can win Gift Boxes by participating in the event and taking part in the Boxes Giveaway on BetFury’s Twitter!
Read below how to join the fest and get super bonuses! 

What is the BSC DeFi exhibition like?

It is the first post-modern multi-constructed VR space. The physical experience will be virtualized in the exhibition hall. High-quality projects are listed in SecondLive, and BetFury is among them!

How to join the event?

  1. Log in SecondLive and connect your BSC wallet.
  2. Click “Start” and bind your email account.
  3. Download SecondLive client.
  4. Log in with your email address in the SecondLive client and enter the official page.
  5. Click “Avatars” to create your character. After editing, you are welcome to enter the relevant Space.

Follow the full guide to make registration easier.

Furthermore, we still feel the Christmas vibes and want you to have fun with a variety of activities! Look what is prepared for you at this BSC Christmas Campaign. 

Christmas Gift Box Festivity

Opening presents is the best part of every Christmas party, so do it again at the BSC Exhibition! Participate in the whitelist or consume a BEAN to open a Gift Box. You are allowed to do it 3 times and get a reward immediately once you open the box. 

What it consists of:

  • BFG Tokens
  • SecondLive Token (SLT)
  • BEAN Token
  • Pet NFT

Livestream with Lucky Draw

Come into the project`s booth to watch a year-round summary via live streaming. 
No boring speeches, but a great event for you to take part in. Click on the lottery button to participate while streaming and get an amazing reward! 

How to join:

  • Login to the SecondLive client.
  • Enter homepage, click the entrance to MVB pavilion.
  • Find the live screen, watch it and click the lottery button when it’s enabled.

Boosting Carnival

Christmas is a great time to share presents and have fun, so let's do it together! Give Mr.Fury a boost click and get a BFG token as a gift. Mr.Fury will be so grateful for such a support, that will please his friends with 400$ equivalent to BFG as soon as get 300 such clicks every day!

What is more, you can do it 5 times a day and also get a BEAN for every boost! Let's reach the TOP 3 list together for you to get the biggest BEAN reward!

What a fun it is to…WIN Gift Boxes on Meta Xmas campaign

A true miracle is going to happen during the Exhibition. Take a chance to get a Gift Box full of cool presents! Follow the super easy rules.
500 winners will get Boxes on Jan 6, 2022
Go to Twitter, and get rewards!