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TOP 5 Anime From BetFury

What is the most famous Japanese symbol? What did they give to the world, and it became an unseparated part of the entertainment culture worldwide? Of course, it is Anime! 

Anime and manga (some kinds of comics) are highly requested in the modern geeks community, and every year they are getting more famous. For example, this year's top 2 movie by the box office is “Demon Slayer: Infinite Train”, not "Fast and Furious 9" and not even "Conjuring 3"! 

Enjoy the perfect mix of sport Slots, Virtual Games, Bets, and Anime for BetFury Olympics Special! TOP-5 sports anime to plug into the Olympic atmosphere: watch, play, and enjoy: 

Baseball - Ace of Diamond

Baseball is very popular in Japan (maybe even more than in the USA). It is an important and exciting sport for their culture, and there are countless amount of anime about Baseball! This one is a perfect example of a “cinderella-story” about ambitions, sport, and friendship!

Check Olympic Baseball with the highest odds to enjoy with max profit! 

Football - Days 

A story about the place of every person in this life. What is talent? Hard Work or just a random combination of abilities based on your genetics? How to find your talent and improve it? Answer all these questions you will find in “Days” - the story of a non-talented guy who started to play football. 

After EURO-2020, this Anime became more popular, and you may also watch it while playing this magnificent collection of football slots: 
1)  Watford FC Slot
2)  Football Superstar
3) Football Star Deluxe

Volleyball - Haikyuu!! 

How strong should you be to reach your dreams and become the best in the most important work of your own life? The main character Hinata Shoe is a real volleyball fan, but in school, where he is the only boy interested in this kind of sport, it is tough to make a strong team that will win the championship. 
Summer is a perfect time to watch Haikyuu!! About volleyball, it seems that when you finish, it will be very dark outside. So, how to play volleyball in such a situation? Place bets on Olympic Volleyball and get a lot of profit.

Basketball - Kuroko no Basuke 

Basketball is the most emotional kind of sport with the strongest storylines. Kuroko no Basuke takes all the best from Basketball and puts it in an unusual story about six charismatic characters in 6 different teams that were friends in the past. Still, now they have to compete to become champions! 
Kuroko no Basuke is one of the best not only in sports-anime. It is one of the most popular titles from all Anime that has been created! 

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Sports Mix - Jo-Jo 

Every anime TOP is impossible without Jo-Jo in it...The best Anime in the history of humanity contains almost all kinds of sport: rugby, boxing, rock climbing, and more! 
You have to watch Jo Jo immediately to stay tuned with modern culture because today you don't know what Jo-Jo is equal to a true crime… 
The best Anime deserves the best  sports Slots with different thematics:
1) WBC Ring Of Riches
2) Webby Heroes
3) Golden Fist

We hope you will enjoy these masterpieces and the best anime also:) 
Stay tuned to BetFury and for more fun and, of course, for an infinite source of profit!