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Bitcoin Plinko

Plinko is a game of true pharaohs and an amazing gambling pyramid. This is by far one of the most popular In-house games on the BetFury Bitcoin Casino. Simple rules, but insanely emotional gameplay, because after launching the ball from above, you immediately want it to hit the desired cell. Firstly, let's take a closer look at what Bitcoin Plinko is, learning its history.

History of Plinko Game

In 1983, producer Frank Wayne created a new game. She was featured on The Price Is Right. People threw several discs of metal onto a perforated triangular board on which were many pegs. There was a scoring scale at the bottom, just like our Plinko. The discs bounced off the pegs and fell from the top of the pyramid. The players tried to do so to collect more points by throwing. When the disk was at the bottom, the judge wrote down the results of the participant.

As new technologies develop, you don't have to throw metal discs on pegs. Without changing the essence of the game, our developers have made its online version. By placing a bet, you launch a ball that descends across the screen and falls to the bottom. Instead of points in our in-house game, there is a list of multiplayer. So let's move away from theory and analyze in more detail all the functionality of Bitcoin Plinko these days.

Bitcoin Plinko Game
Bitcoin Plinko Rules

Rules of Bitcoin Plinko

Let's start with the fact that one round is one drop of the ball down. The direction, left or right, is randomly chosen 16 times. At the bottom, cells with different multipliers from 0.2x to 1000x are waiting for the ball. You only need to choose the difficulty, i.e. blue, green, or red.

  • The blue color is the easiest game, with the most winning multipliers, but the biggest one is only 16x.
  • The green color - medium difficulty, the maximum multiplier is 110x.
  • The red color is for those who like to tickle their nerves because your bet can either decrease by 5 times or increase by 1000! But you're a Betfurian, you can do anything.

When the ball goes down, the round ends and you receive your crypto reward. Here the question arises, what bets can be made and what cryptocurrency to use? In Plinko you can play with Bitcoin or other popular cryptocurrencies, be it ETH, USDT or our native BFG token. The minimum bet for Plinko is 0.00000001 in all cryptocurrencies. That's all you need to know to play the game in our online crypto casino.

Additional functions

  • AutoMode 鈥 If you have your own strategy in Plinko and desire to win quickly, then let the Auto Mode take the lead. Click the "Auto" button, select the number and size of the desired bets, set the winning amount and roll your dice.
  • Live Chart 鈥 Turn on the Live Chart in every game and track your profit. Statistics is "live" while the player is in the game. New statistics updates every time you enter the game.
  • Hotkey 鈥 Like other In-house games, Plinko has Hotkeys. This makes the process easier just with a few tabs on your keyboard.
  • FastMode 鈥 You can skip animation during the gameplay to save time for wins. For miners, this feature is their favorite one. If you use a strategy, this feature will also be very useful for you, because you will not be distracted by a long fall of the ball, but will be focused on your winning scheme.

Bitcoin Plinko Jackpot

Play Plinko and try your luck to hit the big Jackpot! Every multiplier has its own letter from the "PLINKO" word. You should collect all the letters to win Jackpot. Letters will stay collected for every user until Jackpot will be won. Percent of Jackpot winnings depends on the lowest bet amount. You can see the prize pool distribution next to the Jackpot icon by clicking "?".

Fairness in Plinko

Of course, the ball falls randomly. We don鈥檛 affect the "luck" of the player, and this is easy to check on our Fairness page. The procedure of checking bet results allows you to verify the fairness of each bet. All you need is to press 鈥淔airness鈥, copy the next round hash, place a bet and check the match of hashes. Thus, you may be sure about the transparency and fairness of the BetFury crypto gambling system.

Tips for playing Bitcoin Plinko

We will provide some useful tips for playing Plinko.

  • First steps 鈥 When you are a beginner, you should make smaller deposits and then increase them until you adapt. You will feel the atmosphere of gambling and not lose money.
  • Emotion on/off 鈥 If you use a strategy and you are confident that it will help you, you must keep calm and not deviate from the plan. Although, casino games are also great entertainment that gives unforgettable good emotions. Therefore, you should turn off emotions when you play seriously with a strategy and turn them on when stakes are minimal or you just practice.
  • Managing Money 鈥 It is based on tracking your spending and investing only the amount which you can afford to lose. When you deposit, set limits that are within your reach. Besides, you can record all profits made at casino slots to keep track of the spending and returns on the money spent. In this way you will know if the strategy that you are following is beneficial or not.
  • Consider payout limits 鈥 We claim that setting limits is a good idea. When strategizing Dice you should always keep in mind to limit the bets before getting started. This way you won't lose more than the limit set. In simple terms, you have a certain amount of money, which you decide to play with. Setting these restrictions, you will leave with a huge win or without losing more than you had before!

Play Bitcoin Plinko on our platform, get the highest multiplayer drops, and share the experience with your friends. Choose the ideal game difficulty and earn a lot of crypto with us!